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Examples of jobs Lars Andersen performs:

Consultant on film and television series

I has Worked as a consultant on many film and television series. I has experience in contributing in several areas including manuscripts, development of archery tricks, security during filming, production of equipment including bows, arrows, security devices etc. 

Training of actors

I has extensive experience in training of actors. I can teach any actor high-level archery "To shoot like a superhero"
I has invented my own very fast paced actor learning system which is proven always to produces excellent results.

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Corporate events

Everyone can learn archery in 2 hours and it's fun!

"It was a super fun archery event we had with Lars Andersen and his buddies. I was particularly impressed by how, in a short time, they learned more than 20 participants hit a flying object in the air with a bow and arrow. "
Lisa Kjær



I has given many lectures over the years.
Many well-reviewed and entertaining lectures on archery, art and on how to learn to become the best in the world
Languages: Danish and English

Private training

I has developed my own training system
(Fundamentally different from any other archery training)
I can teach everyone to hit small targets in motion in just a few hours.

I does not train classes
and private training is very limited and only available to select people.

Some of the companies Lars Andersen has worked with:

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