Examples of jobs Lars Andersen performs:

Consultant on film and television series

Lars Andersen has worked as a consutalnt on film and television series. He has experience in contributing in several areas including manuscripts, development of archery tricks, security during filming, production of equipment including bows, arrows, security devices etc. 

Training of actors

Lars Andersen has extensive experience
in training of actors. He can teach any actor high-level archery "To shoot like a superhero"
He has his own very fast paced actor learning system which is proven to  produces excellent results

Company seminars

In a world where change is what matters most
Lars Andersen has spent his life learning how to become the best at new abilities, a method others can learn.
And he has great experience in teaching company teams to be able to do something new in a very short time.

Corporate events

Everyone can learn archery in 2 hours and it's fun!

"It was a super fun archery event we had with Lars Andersen and his buddies. I was particularly impressed by how, in a short time, they learned more than 20 participants hit a flying object in the air with a bow and arrow. "
Lisa Kjær



Lars Andersen has given many lectures over the years.
Many well-reviewed and entertaining lectures on archery, art and on how to learn to become the best in the world
Languages: Danish and English

Private training

Lars Andersen has developed his own training system
(Fundamentally different from any other archery training)
He can teach everyone to hit small targets in motion in just a few hours.
Lars Andersen does not train classes
and private training is very limited and only available to select people.