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The fastest archer in the world

Lars Andersen (b. 1964) is a Danish painter and author.  For years, he has also been the world's fastest archer.
Lars Andersen was the first archer in modern times who could perform the historically described 3 arrows in 1.5 second.

Lars started archery in large medieval battle in Denmark. Together with his friend Peter Vorbeck, they began work 
on their archery skills. This was very far from modern slow stationary target archery.

They shot at living targets in motion, who shoot arrows back. They fought in large armies and also against castles.
Even though it was done with safe, soft-tipped arrows, Lars learned some valuable lessons about past archery, 
and he and Peter started practicing tricks like shooting incoming arrows with their own, and moving fast while shooting.

Lars understood  that if he wanted to learn how to shoot really fast, modern archery techniques couldn't help him. 
So he turned to old manuscripts, and realized that many things about modern archery seems wrong.
From the start and ever since, Lars has collaborated with renowned experts in historical archery from around the world,

Populism and communication

After some years, Lars posted videos on YouTube.

His 2012 video "Reinventing the Fastest Forgotten Archery." got a million hits on YouTube
in three days.

His 2015 video "Lars Andersen: a new level of archery" became the most viewed archery video ever after 3 days !!


Lars Andersen is world famous, but he has also created debate in archery circles around the world:


Lars has created a video response "Questions, Answers and New Archery"

to answer the many questions.
The video "Lars Andersen: a new level of archery" tries to go through the whole archery

the story etc .. in 5 minutes, so much is simplified.

So there were many who seriously discussed the populist statements in the video:

As "back quiver was invented by Hollywood !!" which of course is not true,

(this was also written in the text below the video)

Hollywood propagated the myth that it was real archery, back quiver is certainly historical

but was not the most widely used one that comes from movies


In his videos, Andersen says that he has "reinvented old techniques".
Some archery "experts" reacted critically to the statement, and the amount of online debate that has followed has been

really staggering.

The fact is that nobody in modern times before Lars has mastered these historical methods.
Some of the methods have been known in small historical circles before, but no one has been able to perform as described in historical texts, such as

shooting 3 arrows in 1.5 second, or hitting incoming arrow etc.

Lars was the first in modern times to start holding the arrows in his hand pointing forward.
Arab Archery: "Another way to do this stunt is by placing the arrows between the fingers of the right hand thus: the nock of each arrow between two fingers...."


Some critics were serious, but some were not!!!

As Lars's videos went viral, several jumped on the wave and several others posed as "archery experts" and came up with strange criticisms such as "Lars can't know that the Saracens shot 3 arrows in 1.5 seconds because they had no stopwatch" Everyone serious archery experts know the answer to this question, and otherwise it will take a few seconds to find the answer online.

Or "Lars Can't Shoot the Arrow Right Around the bow because of the Archer's Paradox" A physical law that is supposed to act differently on the right and left sides, rather silly argument that reveals that one know very little about archery and physics.


"That's trick archery!"

It is clearly described that trick archery was once an integral part of training archery,

because the archers of war had to learn how to handle their weapons.

And we know a lot of historical super archers who did "trick archery" in war.


Modern stationary archery is not bad, but very different from the dynamic archery of the past!

When Lars publicly began to say that modern archery is completely different from historical archery, some archer was certainly not thrilled about this, and some archery writes that everything Lars says is wrong!

But it is easy for anyone to find the truth, many of the most important historical sources are easily accessible online, "Maurice's Strategy Icon, Arab Archery, Saracen Archery, etc.

It's easy to investigate:

The past archery was dynamic in motion, fast and trick archery was an integral part.

It is also easy to find sources that show that the modern round divided target, everyone knows today, is only from 1790.




YouTube Video

Lars Andersen YouTube videos:

Archery is Lars Andersen's personal project, from the beginning it was about finding and breaking his own limits,

what was possible for Lars to learn !! 

It is not about competing with others.

The purpose of the videos is mainly to give others an opportunity to follow what Lars doing and maybe be inspire.
(it's not about what is right or wrong in archery)


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