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The most famous archer in the world
(Writes the magazine Bow International)

My 2015 video "Lars Andersen: a new level of archery" became the most viewed archery video evef'rmade after only 3 days

and today it is viewed by 60 million on YouTube and this video is also shown 200 times on TV stations Worldwide.


From the beginning, I has collaborated with renowned historical archery experts from around the world.

In 2003  together with my friend Peter Vorbeck we  invented a game "Combat Archery" where two teams shoot harmless arrows against each other. The game has since spread from Denmark to all over the world, under names such as Archery Tag, Bowcombat etc.



For years, I has been the world's fastest archer.

I was the first archer in modern times to shoot 3 arrows in the historic 1.5 seconds.


The fact that Saracens could shoot 3 arrows in 1½ second has been known in archery circles since the book

Saracen Archery (written in 1368) was translated into English in 1970.

Here is a test where Saracen archers should be able to shoot 3 arrows (at 60 bows distance)

before the first arrow hit the target, and otherwise they should practice more!

It was calculated in the book for 1½ seconds.


But no archer in modern times could shoot so fast,

until I in 2011 showed that 3 arrows in 1½ second was possible.

I had been experimenting, for several years, to reinvent a forgotten method,

where you hold all the arrows horizontally in the hand you draw the bow with

the method fits a description in the book Arab Archery (written about 1500)

nobody in modern times had before, held the arrows horizontally in his hand

3 Arrows4.jpg
arab archery 2.JPG

The method fits a description in the book Arab Archery (written about 1500)

and historical images have since been found.

When I has learned to shoot historically fast, I broke an old historical record.
George Catlin described that the American Mandan Indians made a game "Game of The Arrows" where they competed to shoot most arrows into the air before first hitting the ground again, the record was 8 arrows but there was a myth about an Indian chief who could shooting 10 arrows, this was something that several had said was impossible!
But on: 6/11/2011 at Gladsaxe Stadium, Ishot 11 arrows into the air before the first arrows landed.

After discovering that it was possible to shoot just as quickly as historical archers, I began to test old written down historical tricks that past heroes had done.
It is known from Indian and Arabic writings that an archer could hit an opponent's arrow which is shot directly at him with his own arrow so that the arrow flies out to the side and does not hit him.
I learned to do this in 2015 and has since shown it in many variations, ex. with his head down.

It is historically described that arrows can be rotated in the air to change direction
this is described in The English Bowman and in the Arab Archery
In 2017, I showed with the video "Lars Andersen: Turning Arrows"
That I could turn arrows in the air in several different ways
the video was watched by 20 million people and the discovery channel made a broadcast where they got the researcher to show the physics behind.

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