Lars Andersen (b.1964) is a Danish painter (exhibitions at museums and has painted  

the Danish Crown Prince) Author and lecturer etc.
He is probably the world's best known archer, (most
viewed YouTube video featured in many broadcasts around the world) He has been a consultant on film and television series.

Lars Andersen has reinvented a historical way of doing archery. (he was the first to hold the arrows horizontally in his hand and then learned to master the technique completely)
For years, he has also been the world's fastest archer.
Lars Andersen was the first archer in modern times 
who could perform the historically described 3 arrows in 1.5 second.

And Lars Andersen have shot 11 arrows in the air before the first arrow hits the ground.  (Breaking the historic record with 10 arrows i air)

The world's most

famous archer

The most seen archery video ever made!!

World records and beyond.....

52 million views and shown many times

on television worldwide.

Lars Andersen has painted the Danich Crown Prince

Portrait of the Danich Crown Prince Frederik, Trapholt Museum

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II opened the exhibition

Lars Andersen has been a consultant on film

and television series.

Lars Andersen has trained the actors to the 2018 Hollywood Robin Hood Movie

The Danish National Portrait Gallery

Painting of Finance Minister Mogens Lyktetoft and Theoretic Physicist Holger Beck Nielsen

The Museum of National History, Frederikborg Castle

Lars Andersen in Bridgestone commercial.

Lars Andersen has written several books

Books published at Frydenlund publishing house

Lars Andersen has given many lectures

Many well-reviewed lectures on archery, art and "how to learn to be the best"